COVID19 Pandemic Press Conference

COVID19 Pandemic Press Conference
Address by: A Coalition of Advocates from the Global Emergency Disaster Response Youth Network Keynote Speaker Her Excellency Dr Arikana Chihombori Quao (Medical Doctor)  Former African Union Ambassador to the United States.

The "Global Emergency Disaster Response" is a youth-based movement comprises of members from different part of the World who have come together to fight the COVID-19 pandemic through strategic awareness and robust educational ways that conform with the World Health Organization (WHO) International guidelines.
Since its inception a week ago, it has a growing membership strength of two thousand five hundred of global youths' volunteers and thousands of wonderful Organizations and leaders who are already on the frontline addressing the plaque. The COVID-19 till date has claimed over 28,000 people and has wreaked every gains of the global economy for years if not decades to come. If we must reverse this narrative, we must start making strategic plans to assist our citizenry around the World. This will require all hands-on deck preparation to mitigate the impacts of COVID19 on youths and vulnerable communities around the globe.
We responding to the daily call to safeguard humanity in our local communities and environments as well as advocating for the wellbeing of the vulnerable population while seeking to engage others to fight this pandemic which believed is the a moral obligations of all of us to heed to the clarion call to save humanity

Against the above, we invite you to join us for a press conference, organized by our coalition the "Global Emergency Disaster Response Network ," which is to inform the public of the collective role we intend to play in response to the current COVID-19 crisis and we intend to highlight the possible impact on vulnerable target groups especially youth around the world. The ongoing Pandemic is clearly a call for actions by national leaders, International Organizations and Stakeholders to take immediate actions to contain the spread of the COVID-19 so that life can return normalcy.
Our Motto "Together we can win the fight against the Coronavirus Pandemic Worldwide."
Our Mission To mobilize an Intergenerational network of passionate people to address the ongoing pandemic. Our Goal: Engage, assess, strategize, collaborate, Mobilize and raise awareness of how to prevent and provide youths worldwide with state of the arts information and resources in real time to serve the needs of our Response Team and human resource center of youths, individual, NGOs, Stakeholders in different sectors of Society around the World.

Date ​Friday April 3rd, 2020 
​10:00 PM EST [New York Time]
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