Malian Army needs three years to transition to civilian rule

Mali coup d'état We need more time.

The military leaders of the Aug 18 2020 coup d'état in Mali want to be in office for three years before transitioning to civilian rule. However ECOWAS negotiators believe that one year should be enough. The question here is do they need more time to enrich themselves or to help improve the country...fingers crossed. 

Coups in 2020 so far:

February 2020 - Attempted self coup in El Salvador
August 2020 - Malian coup d'état: A Platoon of soldiers from the Malian Army deposed democratically elected president Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta and prime-minister Boubou Cissé after months of anti-government protests.

Justice Biobele Georgewill Commission of Inquiry -...
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